PHX AIR / by Christoph Kaiser

PHX AIR is a floating monument, crowning and highlighting the big sky for which our state is known.  During a starry night in June, PHX AIR is seen high in the sky, softly glowing, with the air temperature and moon phase displayed at the bottom of each face.  A warm autumn day, PHX AIR’s aluminum fabric skin becomes almost invisible against its blue sky backdrop.  On a windy summer afternoon, PHX AIR emerges only nine feet from it’s recessed void in the park. People come to see the object’s skin up close and observe their own blurred reflections and those of the park’s trees in it’s surface.  On New Years, the whole city is united, watching the countdown cycle past each face as she rises high above the city’s skyline.  During a concert in March, the cube floats only fifty feet off the ground.  It’s massive underbelly a silver ceiling; the park is dramatically transformed into a urban-scale room.  Using conventional helium blimp technology and engineering affords the monument a scale and visual impact associated with projects of much larger budgets.  PHX AIR is a monument with enough gravity to pull people from other states, and even other countries to visit our city.  Did I mention you can talk a walk, two thousand feet above the city?