christofolo schermer

PHOENIX, ARIZONA         2014 

The central challenge for this 360sf office space was to design a casual yet sophisticated ‘total office environment’ in a space not much larger than a typical single office.  The space is arranged to optimize overlap in order to provide a waiting area, workspace for two and sometimes three individuals, and space for both formal and informal client meetings, with options for whiteboard and digital presentations.   The North window-wall is framed with a 12” deep steel wrapper adding perceived depth to the wall and providing additional shelving.  Sanded homosote wraps the wall above all perimeter counter surfaces, providing pinup space and serving to deaden the space acoustically.  Pencil polished laminated glass is used with translucent film at the entry, yielding a subtle yet effective entry niche, and used again with opaque-white film as an unconventional white board atop a box and bench arrangement.  A refrigerator, and print station is integrated in the millwork below the west peg-board shelf wall.  A five foot diameter oak table that, part of the Waterbug furniture series, serves as a central work and meeting table. Christofolo Schermer is a Phoenix based business consulting company and is located inside the Newton, in uptown Phoenix, Arizona.  This project was done in collaboration with Unlikely Creatures.